Thank you for your order

 Here is some tips for you ^_^


Once you received your plants order please use numbers on each plants and match the name on paper invoice once all labels prepared please unwarp carefully and pot them up in well-drain soil straight away but dont water for a week ( especially in winter ) unless plant really look hydrated ( in summer) you can pot them up and give them water straight away


Soil: you will need well drain soil mix - we do not recommend to put sand in as sometime they too fine and block air flow then it may caused rot and  fungi in soil


Here is our recipe we used in our nursery

1 part of potting soil

1 part of small grits

1/2 of perlite

Some slow release fertiliser  ** NO SAND**


Light: Avoid direct full sun for first few weeks - they will need to stay in light but no direct strong sunlight so under 50-70% shade cloth in full sun is great if you like to introduce them to full sun later on is fine


Water: only water after their root system have recovered from travel bare root. repeat again after first water completely dry out



Humidity: avoid high humid place they need a lot of air flow otherwise they can easy rot


Pot size:  do not use too big pot - only recommended to use big pot if you want to put many plants in one big pot.

If you want to plant one in each pot you can choose 1-2 inch diameter bigger than their rosette diameter is good


Note : tips above only base on our experience it may not work in some areas.


Hope you enjoy watching your new babies grow - Happy gardening


Thank you :)