Please note. If you still having problem with redeem codes please contact us before placing order.

all codes are only valid on our website not on ebay or facebook sales and they are discount code NOT gift card code so you only can choose to use ONE CODE per order only!




📌Please note that discount code can be redeemed once per order. If you decided to redeem promo code you will not be able to redeem your discount code that you get from your reward again.



📌how to redeem codes check out this link :


📌To check the point that you earned - Log in to your account on our website then click “Reward” on the right bottom corner of website. (


Any questions please feel free to ask by contact us via Facebook page msg







1. go to our website then click "reward" on bottom right corner of website

If it not come up you can also go direct to this link >


2. If you already got reward point account with us then click  "Sign in"

** If you have no account with us you will not be able to earn any points from placing order so please click "Join now" to start earning points**



3. Fill in your account details including email and password then click "LOGIN"


4. Once you log in website will show you how many points you got 


5. You can click on "All rewards" to see what rewards is available for you to redeem


6. You can choose which rewards you like to use with this order as you can only use ONE discount code per order - If we are currently have other promo codes they also discount codes so you need to pick which one is suit you better.


7. once you can decide which one you'd like to use then you click "Redeem"

for this example I'll pick FREE SHIPPING code


8. after you click "Redeem" code will show up for you. if you decide to use now you can just click   

"Apply code" If you dont want to use it now you can note on your own and use it later



9. code will be automatically applied to your cart and it will show up that you got FREE SHIPPING as you picked


10. then you can check out as normal




Thank you :)